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Relaxation, recovery and rejuvenation are two feet away. 

 Celebrating five years of Reflexology through September 2023



If this scene does not help you relax then take it a step further.  Give your body, mind and spirit the assistance needed to help you return to balance and overcome the day or even the years.  The ancient art of reflexology is now the artistic science of reflexology.  For those of you already aware than you know the power of reflexology and I invite you to a nearby place to visit for maintenance or healing as part of your care routine.  If you are new then try it for yourself.  It works and it works internally and deeply to help the systems of the body relax and heal.     

Reflexology is one of the least invasive profoundly effective proven complimentary therapies.  It is the artistic science that is based on the known connections of nerve and blood pathways originating in the feet, hands, face and outer ears.  All pathways lead to the brain and pass through a lot of systems and structures along the way.  Reflexologists follow maps that correspond to all systems of the body represented in miniature on our feet, hands, face and ears.  Combine this knowledge with the various techniques of alternating pressure used by reflexologists and we arrive at the foundation of a properly trained practitioner.  


Bill Moore


American Reflexology Certification Board Certified Since November 2019


Welcome to Reflexology and Relax.  As a board certified reflexologist I am happy to offer comprehensive reflexology in the Wilmington area. It is my goal to work with the medical and complimentary alternative medical communities to improve lives and strengthen our community.    


 Offering feet, hand and ear reflexology


60 minute session          $70.00

90 minute session          $100.00





Does the thought of the dentist worry you?  What about that job interview or speech coming up? Try a session prior to any potentially stressful situation.  Reflexology is also a great partner with your regular therapy or counseling sessions.   PTSD?   

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Professional Affiliations

Professional Member

ARCB (American Reflexology Certification Board)


Professional Member

NCRA (North Carolina Reflexology Association)

Professional Member

RAA (Reflexology Association of America)

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Currently serving as a state delegate for North Carolina to the national board at The Reflexology Association of America

About Bill Moore

My reflexology journey started in September 2017 when I went to my first class with Cynthia Hill at The Academy of Reflective Wellness in Salisbury NC.  I completed her hands on 300 hour course by June 2018 which allowed me to practice in North Carolina and sit for the national board exam.  In the fall of 2018 I passed the written and practical portion of The ARCB (American Reflexology Certification Board) exam.  I completed my documented sessions and became ARCB board certified by November of 2019.   I am happy to share the depth and grace that reflexology imparts to the world. 

Living life as a “canary in the coal mine” gave me all the motivation I needed to improve my health naturally.   Riddled with various immune and health issues my healing journey began in 1999 with a trip to the local health food store where I started sipping “earthy” tasting vegetable juices.   I have been juicing, using natural methods of healing, trying different diets and methods of detoxification since.  I have learned a great deal about my body, how it heals and a multitude of methods to help facilitate that.   I discovered my passion for helping people as a public educator and Certified Consumer Credit Counselor in Memphis Tennessee in 2001.  After thirteen years of listening to people’s life challenges, offering solutions that reduce their stress and improve their lives, I shifted my focus to natural healing as a career.  In 2012 I become a Reiki Master/ Teacher with Jennifer Ledbetter.  

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Healing Services

Reflexology improves lives and communities.  I want my clients to enjoy receiving reflexology as much as I do.   Its simple and profound benefits have enriched my life.  It can do the same for you.  


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