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Are you new to Reflexology?  

 If you are then you are in for a treat.   I wish I had discovered it sooner.  When working with people new to reflexology I discovered early on that it was not always the first session that amazed them but sometimes the second.  However, the more sessions I give I find more and more people walk away surprised at the clarity, energy and lightness they feel shortly after their sessions.  

What should I expect from my first session?

Upon arrival the practitioner will go over a brief health history and invite you to ask questions.  They will explain the basics of reflexology and do a brief visual assessment of your feet.  A first session may be longer since we are looking for what is termed as "congestion" in the reflexes of the feet.  That is bumps, lumps, spongy tissue or even grains of sand that may or may not register any discomfort when discovered.  Please let the practitioner know if any discomfort is experienced.  Sleep and deep relaxation is very common.  Most clients find it is a good idea to drink a few extra glasses of water the day of your session and that urine is often more cloudy, dark or smells more pungent shortly after the session.   Some walk away very tired and relaxed ready to take a nap while others find they have a greater sense of clarity and energy and are ready to proceed with their day.  Oftentimes the tired feeling subsides shortly after a session.  

Do you help with terminal or chronic illness?

Combined with your specialist or primary care physicians care there are a large number of stubborn and chronic conditions that respond to a small number of reflexology sessions.  Results often begin during or shortly after the first session.  It has been demonstrated that a large percentage of people will find a new level of balance after  three or four sessions one per week.  After that time with monthly or bi monthly appointments you may continue to see improvements.  

How should I prepare for my first session

There is really no preparation necessary, although as stated above most clients find it is a good idea to be well hydrated.  In general, the more relaxed and stress free you are during your session the greater the results may be.  For many it is because of stress that they seek out alternative therapies and reflexology.  This can help.  If you are one that has a difficult time relaxing there are many simple techniques out there that can be explored to assist.   

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